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Winter Lip Saviours

I have recently discovered these two fab products which used together will solve problems of even the driest lips! Lush's Popcorn Lip Scrub and Reve De Miel's lip balm. Between these two winter has no chance of affecting my lips.

I had heard about Lush's lip scrubs from popping into the store. It's one of my favourite places as everything is handmade and natural, perfect for someone like me who has sensitive skin. There were several occasions when making purchases that I spied these delightful pots by the the tills but was always put off by the price. Finally though, I have caved and bought one and boy are they amazing. It's a sugar based scrub (yes you can eat them!!) with a popcorn flavouring that you rub into the lips to remove the dead skin, leaving soft, smooth lips. The best part is that the product is all natural and tastes amazing! They come in three flavours: popcorn, mint julips (mint choc) and bubblegum. Grab yours now from your local Lush store for £5.50. 

Reve De Miel's lip balm was recommended to be by several friends who had tried it and I have finally bought myself one. At £9.50 for the pot, yes I admit it's a little pricey for a lip balm, but with this pot a little goes a long way and it lasts for a long while. It has a mixture of a lemony honey scent and although the balm in the pot is a honey colour it come out clear. The effects of this lip balm are amazing. Anyone suffering from dry, chapped lips this is the perfect remedy for you. After just one application my lips were so much smoother, now this lip balm comes everywhere with me and I use it several times throughout the day. You can buy online at feel unique for £9,50 with free delivery! 

Combine these two and you are left with perfect, smooth, soft lips. The ideal solution to those winter chapped lips. Comment or message me to tell me about your winter lip saviours :) 

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