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So I thought I'd give you an update as to what my plans are for this blog. So far my blog has mostly been a review of beauty products, which I promise will continue (plus if you have any recommendations for products you would like to see me try and review leave a comment to let me know!). Now I have decided to branch out and explore exciting new things to share with you all thins is going to range from recipes, crafting, websites and products that I love and that I think you will all love too. I'm also planning on doing a few how to's and showing you some of the things I plan to make and whether it was successful (or not?). Plus there will be give aways and competitions giving you the chance to win some of the items featured in my blog. If you love something and want to see more of that kind of post email or comment to let me know, same rules apply if you hate something. After all its you guys I write for so your views count. Hope you all enjoy the changes look out for the next few posts later today and over the following couple of days. There's also now an option at the bottom of the blog for you to subscribe by entering your email address, this means you can get your fix of bella la moda straight to your inbox- get subscribing!!!

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