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My new obsession

It's taken me a while to get to sharing this wonderful discovery but trust me when I say that I'm sure you'll all love it as much as I do. Back in August I went on holiday to Spain and as any typical girl would do when informed about a mall I decided to go shopping. On my trio to the mall I discovered makeup heaven in Kiko. Originally started in Milan it has stored across Europe and now in the UK at Westfield.
Initially I had to be cautious of what I was buying because typical me I was already over on my luggage allowance without the five nail polishes I'd just bought! There was so much to buy but so little room. So when I went to Paris I discovered two more Kiko's and yes I went crazy I bought nail polishes, mascaras, brushes and plenty of other makeup products all of which will be reviewed at a later stage.
The best part about Kiko is that they are extremely well priced with nail garnishes costing around £4 and various special offers on throughout the month (at one stage I bought one of their mascaras for just £3.90!).
So here's my haul of the nail polishes that I have so far, and yew I do intend to expand my collection as I an obsessed with these polishes.
There are so many colours to choose from abd plenty of ranges from normal polishes, to magnetics and quick dry polishes. The best thing about these polished is they dry super fast, last between 5-7 days and the colour actually comes out the colour shown on the bottle after just one, yes one application! So what are you waiting for? Check out the site now at if you sign up to recieve their newsletter you get free delivery for 15 days an offer not to be missed.
Until next time! :)

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