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Hair Heros

Today I'd like to talk about Hair Hero's, my favourite hair products that I like to use on regular basis or when my hair needs a boost. And here they are:

From left to right we have:
Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum - I love using this product on my stubborn fringe. It never wants to sit flat and has a tendency to go a frizzy but not with this product! Bye bye frizz hello straight, smooth fringe. You literally pump some of the serum onto your hands and rub through damp hair and blow dry. You can put this through all of your hair but I only do my fringe as the rest seems to behave itself, most of the time anyway. Available from any local drugstore.

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product- This product is great as an all round product. Again you rub a small amount into your damp hair and blow dry and style as normal. I find this product great when my hair is feeling a little dry as it puts the moisture back in and makes it much easier to manage. You can get this product in any Beauty retailer and in some Boots stores.

Andrew Barton Maximum Heat Protection Spray- A recent discovery but I have very quickly fallen in love with this product mostly because it smells amazing almost like holidays and with winter approaching who doesn't want their hair to smell like holidays? This is a great every day product to help prevent damage from heat appliances. Apply before blow drying for best results. Available from Asda stores.

Avon Lotus Shield Argan Oil- if you have hair that has a tendency to stick up at the ends after blow drying this is the perfect product for you. It smooths and straightens hair making it easier to manage and on occasions I've found if I blow dry my hair right it doesn't even need straightening with this product. Apply some of the oil to your hands and rub between them and then run the oil through the ends of your hair before blow drying. I personally wouldn't apply this to the whole of my hair as I found when put on the roots it makes the hair look a little greasy once it has dried. you can order online from

Batiste Dry Shampoo- the perfect tool for busy women, if you're in a hurry and have no time to wash your hair but feel like it could do with refreshing this product is definitely for you. Spray onto the root and brush through, careful not to over spray as it can leave you with a grey tinge if you're not careful. It brings the bounce back to your hair, making it feel like its just been washed. Available from most supermarkets and drugstores.

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner- Aussie hair products are amazing, they smell great and always leave my hair feeling soft and shiny. I use both the shampoo and conditioner together for the best results, leaving the conditioner on for slightly longer so it can work its magic on my hair. They do a variety of types of shampoo and conditioner to suit all hair types and are perfect for dry, damaged hair. Available from most supermarkets.

So there you go my go to hair hero's. Do you have any hair hero products? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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