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So I was sent this sample last week and thought I'd try it and see what it was like, here's my thoughts:
My advice for anyone wanting to purchase this perfume would definitely be to try before you buy as it's quite a strong perfume, although I quite like strong perfumes, even I found this quite a strong scented perfume. Many people would probably find this overpowering with its strong floral, musky scents. However the benefit of having such a strong scent is that it is a long-lasting fragrance. I sprayed this on before leaving for work and could still smell hints of it as I was leaving work to go home in the afternoon. With perfumes, having a long-lasting scent is a definite must for me.
If you are trying this to see whether its for you or not I would leave the scent for a couple of minutes to settle and then test to see if you like the fragrance as it takes a little time for the scent to properly develop after the first spray. I was only sent a tester but could see from the insert that the tester came in that the bottle for Aura is quite modernised and appealing as a luxurious brand of perfume. You can get it online for around £32 for a 50 ml bottle of EDP and the benefit to this perfume is that the bottle is refillable so you won't have to keep throwing your pretty perfume bottles away! Overall I'd give this perfume 4 out of 5 (missing out on the five because it really is a strong scent!).
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