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My new discovery... Clinique

After being recommended to try Clinique by a friend, I finally decided to go into my nearby John Lewis and enquire about their products. I'd been recommended them as they are apparently a good brand for anyone who has sensitive, dry skin. Initially I was a bit dubious about trying them purely for the price tag associated with the brand but after trying so many different products and not being able to clear my skin up I decided to take the plunge.
You start with an initial consultation where the assistant asks you various questions about your skin and what concerns you most about your skin. From this they can then recommend products suited to your needs and skin type. After my consultation she recommended Clinique's three step skin care routine. Combining the use of facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturiser. All three products where demonstrated on my hand as well as an eye cream for under my eyes, who knew you're not really supposed to be using the same cream for your face and eyes? I decided to buy all four products recommended to me (my bank balance shrieked at this point!) and to try the products and see what the outcome was. On the plus side they had a special offer on so that if you bought the three normal sized products you got the travel size versions free :) bonus right, just in time for my holiday to Spain in three weeks!

So the idea with Clinique is that you should be able to notice a difference in two weeks using all three products twice daily. Now it seems a lot of hassle for someone like me who normally just slaps on my makeup and then wipes it off to be doing this routine, but two weeks in and I'm still sticking to and I must say I'm very impressed. I noticed a difference within five days, my skin was brighter and so much more moisturised, for the first time in a long while I felt like I had normal skin!
The eye cream was a spontaneous purchase, I hadn't panned to even mention this but the assistant noticed the dry, flaky skin under my eyes (as you do). I've always had a problem with this and no matter what product I've used it never seems to clear it up entirely. It's a very small pot and costs £25.00 but it is so worth it! Don't be deceived by the fact the pot says about reduces circles and puffs, this isn't a major concern of mine... yet! The cream itself is really nice and you need only put on the smallest amount, so I'm hoping it'll last for a long while. I have fallen in love with this product because it has completely rid me of all my dry, flaky skin around my eyes and has made it much less sensitive, this eye cream is literally the answer to my prayers!
This is the liquid mild facial soap, it comes in a 200ml bottle and costs £15.50. This is the first step in the three step skin care routine. You rinse your face with warm water, squirt some of the soap in your hands and rub onto your face, then rinse off. Easy and simple.
Next comes the clarifying lotion,  this comes in either a 200ml (£16.50)bottle or a 400ml bottle (£25.00). As you can see I went for the 400 ml bottle purely because it will last me longer, and you can see this in the picture I've used twice daily for two weeks and its used the smallest amount. With this product you literally dab some on a cotton pad and wipe all over your face, it leaves you skin feeling refreshed and helps to allow the skin on your face to soak up all the moisturiser.
The third and final step is Clinique's new innovative Dramatically Different (DD) moisturising lotion. Its advertised saying it leaves skin feeling softer with a healthy looking glow and I can honestly say that it lives up to the advertising. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way with this product. it either comes in a tube or pump bottle, the 50ml tube is £17.00 and the 125ml pump bottle is £29.50 (which is the one I got), out of all the three products this seems to be getting used up the quickest as you can see from the photo. Again it is quite pricey, but great value for money because it does leave your skin feeling super soft and transforms skin into the perfect canvas for applying makeup.

If like me you suffer with dry, sensitive skin I can honestly recommend Clinique. Their products, although at the high end of the market, are perfect for anyone who has skin like this. You really won't regret buying these products... if you haven't already!

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